Quality Assurance Policy

LGP Print operate an internal quality control system designed to maintain the very highest standards of customercare.

Throughout production the customer’s print job is continually checked for quality and accuracy.

At each stage the operator will sign and date a work ticket providing a record for accountability.

This process begins in prepress with the supplied file or original artwork checked for content, If required hiresolution epson proofs of ripped files will be supplied, or alternatively a pdf proof will be supplied via email.

Once the job has been approved by the client and signed off, the next process is to make the plates. Again these are checked for content.

Once on press, pass sheets are inspected and signed by the production manager or print supervisor.

In the finishing department the job is once again checked for quality, content, numbering prior to packaging. At despatch stage packaging and delivery details are checked one last time.

Throughout the three main stages of production the job is scanned into our print management system providing a record of its process throughout the factory.

Upon completion of the printed job three file samples are archived, along with the job ticket and stored for five years.

Each job has its own specific artwork number which can be found on the invoice this number enables us to track the job quickly and efficiently.